The AirSweeper - crazy cleaning

The AirSweeper

Basically it is just a leaf blower, but smaller, batteries and most important - DIY. I don't know about noise level yet, but lets not make that an obstacle.

Why You may ask: I have a dog, the type of animal, which daily drops off enough hair to be noticed. I hate to run around with the dustbin cleaner every day. A broom does take most of the hair but it is no fun. A robot could do it, but needs to be emptied. 

So a mini indoor leaf blower could be a way to clean, easy to handle, homemade device, something with a motor and a noise level. Drawbacks are the probability, that dust is swirling in the air and lands everywhere else. So a windy day, along with open doors and windows, is needed in order for a solid draft to clear out the flying dust.

Be warned that this device may not have a very high WAF and may need to be operated on a home-alone basis.


  • RaspBerry pi, small
  • RC Speed controller, Brushless 
  • FAN type prop for Model Airplanes
  • piece of tubing
  • any usefull stuff from the garage


RC Speed controller

I got one, which I bought cheap from Ebay for this project. I don't recall the specifications, but probably 40AMP. 

It has no markings except a number on the encasing heat shrink; which I found out to be the "heat shrink stock number" from a probably Chinese heat shrink tubing manufacturer.

FAN jet motor

xx mm FAN JET motor for RC Model Airplanes. No idea how much pressure it can put out, but most probably much more noise than the average dustbin cleaner.

Before operating the AirSweeper, I will need to make some intake and output guards to prevent fingers etc. from being chopped up in the jet fan.

Piece of tubing

Any household plumbing with sufficient diameter to hold the FAN JET.

Usefull stuff from the garage

Bits and piece, wire, bolts, screws etc. Things you forgot you had, but knew would come in handy some day.


Wife Acceptance Factor - does she like your inventions? Well, maybe not every time. And this one, probably not. "It will leave dust everywhere on the furniture etc."
So there - I warned you...


maybe some day.